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Nov 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
but leading a secret life with a man she met three years ago. steve jaconi, a san jess yeah construction worker. it became public after a violent confroation between the two at this newark hotel, february, 2012.. >> i remember falling back and going, no. no. no. like that. like, you know? he just by himself, i think. >> authorities investigated whether to charge jaconi with assault, nadia took leave for a month of rehab, returning to work a spotlight on her. reports that she posed as his attorney so she can visit him in jail. then, e iling mercury news with accusation her husband, bill, once attorney general bought and gave me drugs years before meeting steve. then, called me crazy when i sought help. iet was more personal theft, relationship issues that is yi said some of the statement was true. some wasn't. >> he never bought you drugs? >> no. >> never gave you drugs? >> no. >> bill lockyer declined an interview but his spokesman says it's totally utterly false he provided drugs to his wife, after that controversy, nadia resigned from the board of supervisors the attorney general refus
Nov 26, 2013 7:00pm PST
steve rudi gechlt r in the home shared with irvin. officials say money was the motive for this crime but won't give details. word brought relief for the family. >> had he not been the way he was, we'd never be as strong as we have. after 22 years, it, you guys can just imagine how hard it is. >> the two married around the time of the murder. they're now divorceed and allegedly implicated each other in the crime. dna evidence also led to the big break. >> happening now, a candle light vigil in memory of a beloved coach. the 76 was athletic director at john f kennedy high. hit by a car as he tried to direct traffic around a fender bender. we're live tonight, we're hearing many wonderful things about this man. >> reporter: dan, he touched many students lives here at john f kennedy high school over many years he was here this, gathering was their idea. a chance to mourn together, to say thank you, and goodbye. it's an unstructured event. there is a mic if anyone wants to address the crowd. otherwise, the principal says everyone will be given an opportunity to have a moment at the front
Nov 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
: steve jakanie mailed me i am clean, soeb scombrer staying focussed on my sobriety. i have made too much progress to bring up the past. lockyear she says she used it while in his car. >> reporter: when the smoke filled your lungs was it clear to you that i'm in trouble? this is addicting? that wasn't a thought. i would have stopped. it was -- i enjoy this. i like it. and then, you know -- >> reporter: was it powerful attraction? >> immediate. >> reporter: nadya and bill began living apart. she says she tried to break up with him several times but he revealed he had a sex tape. >> reporter: did you consent to the video? >> oh, god no. no. in fact i would always check his phone to see if he had he recorded us before. >> reporter: bill lockyear found a copy of the sex video left in the mail box of their home. >> the pain. he had me if i was involved with someone. i said yes. >> reporter: the pressure continued to build until february 3, 2012. nadya tell meez someone was trying to access their bank accounts online. when bill questioned her, she answered it could be jaconi. >> he said w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3